Sculpture Sold at $91 Million at New York Auction

Sculpture Sold at $91 Million at New York Auction

A stainless steel rabbit sculpture made by American artist Jeff Koons was sold at whopping $91.1 million at a New York auction; a record price that the artwork of a living artist has ever received.

The selling price was initially set at $80 million, but later rose after adding commissions and fees.

Alexander Rotter, chairman of post-war and contemporary art at Christie's, deemed Rabbit as "the most important piece by Jeff Koons and I want to go even a step further and say the most important sculpture of second half of the 20th century".

"It's the end of sculpture. It's the anti-David as I call it," he said, referring to Michelangelo's masterpiece.

"You can't go any further away from David still being figurative and a traditional sculpture,” he added.