Recording Believed to Include Frida's Voice

Recording Believed to Include Frida's Voice

A 90-second audio clip from a 1950s pilot episode of the Mexican radio programme, The Bachelor, has been found, revealing what might be the iconic artist Frida Kahlo’s voice.

If confirmed, this could be the only known recording of Kahlo’s voice, which has always been a mystery.

The audio has the artist reciting a description of her husband, painter Diego Rivera, which she had written in 1949.

"He's a large child, massive, with a friendly face and sad look. His bulging, dark, very intelligent and large eyes are difficult to contain, almost out of their sockets because of swollen eyelids protruding like a frog,” the woman in the recording is heard saying about Rivera.

The woman, who is not directly identified by the narrator, is instead introduced as "she who no longer exists".

Library officials think this was released in 1955 or 1956, a year or two following Kahlo's death at the age of 47 after suffering gangrene and depression.

However, the Mexican government cautioned against believing it is, arguing that even if initial research suggested it was the voice of Kahlo, this could not yet be confirmed

"It's a finding that has many elements that can be identified as the probable voice of Frida Kahlo, but it isn't 100% certain,” Secretary of culture Alejandra Frausto said.

"There's still a long way to go to verify the voice. I personally think that the art world has to be very strict in its judgment and can't rush to assumptions," The director of the Frida Kahlo Museum, Hilda Trujillo, cautioned.

"I would have imagined that it would be a bit deeper and worn out,” Ms Trujillo stated.

"Frida's voice has been a great enigma...(It has been) a constant search since the Fonoteca started,” director of the Fonoteca, the national music library, Pavel Granados, indicated.