Ariana Grande Shares Brain Scan Images with Fans

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Ariana Grande Shares Brain Scan Images with Fans

Pop singer Ariana Grande revealed on Thursday brain scans showing her post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) following the bombing attack that took place during her concert in Manchester Arena in May 2017.

The image she posted shows a comparison between a healthy brain, a brain with PSTD and hers.

“Guys….., My brain: Not a joke,” the 25-year-old singer wrote on the screenshot posted in her Instagram stories.

"It's hard to talk about it because so many people have suffered such severe, tremendous loss. But, yeah, it's a real thing. I know those families and my fans and everyone there experienced a tremendous amount of it as well,” Grande told British Vogue magazine.

"Time is the biggest thing. I feel like I shouldn't even be talking about my own experience, like I shouldn't even say anything. I don't think I'll ever know how to talk about it and not cry,” Grande added.