Sunday Times Issues UK's 2019 Rich List

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Sunday Times Issues UK's 2019 Rich List

The Sunday Times released it 2019 Rich List, with Ed Sheeran ranked 17th after he doubled his wealth to rise above Adele who is still the richest female recording artist at the 22nd place.

The full Rich List is set to be published in a special edition of The Sunday Times Magazine on 12 May.

These are the ten richest musicians in the UK for this year:

1-Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber: 1,065,369,500 USD

2-Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell: 757,398,738 USD

3-U2: 757,262,233 USD

4-Sir Elton John: 415,689,901 USD

5-Sir Mick Jagger: 357,208,480 USD

6-Keith Richards: 337,724,381 USD

7-Dhani and Olivia Harrison: 324,734,982 USD

8-Sir Ringo Starr: 311,705,417 USD

9-Michael Flatley: 264,949,604 USD

10-Sting: 259,754,514 USD