Tawile: Government Speaks One Way, Acts Another

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Tawile: Government Speaks One Way, Acts Another

Head of the Kataeb's Economic and Social Council, Jean Tawile, on Sunday outlined the important role that the opposition can play in the political life of any country, stressing the need for it to enforce accountability.

In an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio station, Tawile pointed out that national unity governments have all proved to be unsuccessful, deeming the performance of the current Lebanese Cabinet as another watertight evidence.

“In this government, they speak one way and then act another. The government should include a homogeneous and united team that works based on the ministerial statement; but, it’s been two months that we are witnessing disagreements between the ministers [...] and not a single reform has been achieved so far,” he said.

“What have they done so far other than talk?”

Tawile said that political forces that are launching a campaign against corruption are the same ones that have been involved in it over the past years, adding that Hezbollah claims to be fighting corruption while it is accused of having established an economy in parallel to that of the State.

“Hezbollah claims that it wants to fight corruption while it is involved in tax evasion totaling $4.9 billion. This party is undergoing intense financial pressure and has no interest in asking its supporters to pay the taxes," he explained.

Source: Kataeb.org