Tawile: Government's Draft Budget Is Disappointing

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Tawile: Government's Draft Budget Is Disappointing

Head of the Kataeb's Economic and Social Council Jean Tawile on Thursday criticized the draft budget being discussed by the government, describing it as "disappointing".

“The blueprint consists of mere suggestions to be discussed, and not a serious state budget,” he said in an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio station.

Tawile stressed the need for the government to set out a medium-term economic and financial framework, that runs along two or three years, so that it would have a vision for the budget course.

“The budget must include a socio-economic plan. In the light of the crisis facing the country, the budget must revive the economy through investments on one hand, as well as the reduction of the financial deficit and the support of the private sector that is tremendously suffering on the other."

Tawile noted that the government must reduce its total expenditures on two levels: income and expenses.

On the income level, Tawile explained, the government must enforce a tax policy that would end tax and customs evasion, refrain from imposing any new levies and offer tax exemptions in a bid to boost the industrial sector.

“As for the state expenses, the citizens' pockets should remain untouched while putting an end to supporting fictitious NGOs, and eliminating superfluous and random hires in the public sector," he pointed out.

Source: Kataeb.org