With Latest Price Hike, "Family Size" Bundle of Bread Reaches LL10,000

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With Latest Price Hike,

 The Economy Ministry hiked bread prices again Thursday, with the price of a “family sized” one-kilo bundle now reaching LL10,000.


Here's what we know:


     • The Economy Ministry released a statement Thursday setting new prices and weights. Large bundles, the weight of which was previously set at 800 grams increased to 830 grams this week, with the price in bakeries now set at LL8,000, up from LL7,500 — a 2.81 percent price increase in the price per gram.


     • The small bundle’s weight decreased from 370 grams to 355 grams while the price in bakeries remained at LL5,000, a 4.23 percent increase in price per gram.


     • Prices at shops and supermarkets are LL500 higher per bundle.


     • The Economy Minister’s office issued a statement denying social media reports noting that the Economy Ministry had raised the price of a large bundle of bread to LL 10,000. However, a family bundle of 1,035 grams is set at LL 9,500 at bakeries and LL 10,000 in shops. 

Source: L'Orient Today