Raghida Dergham
Raghida Dergham

Columnist and Senior Diplomatic Correspondent for the London-based Al Hayat

Are the US and France Serious about Saving Lebanon?

The Biden administration has finally woken up to the danger of disregarding the economic crisis in Lebanon, hitherto considering the country a small, insignificant and secondary theatre in its geopolitical calculus. However, this awakening could yet come too late and at too high a cost. It may also lack momentum, vitality and the kind of strategic vision so desperately required right now.

Iranian Regime's Priority Is Ensuring Its Survival and Quashing Regional Protests

Iranian leaders and their allies are counting on stamina to weather the storm and are hoping demonstrators’ energy and fervour will wane as the year draws to a close. In Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, the Iranian regime’s priority is securing its survival and preventing the three uprisings from bearing fruit by any means necessary – whatever the cost.