Amnesty Urges End to Immunity in Beirut Blast Probe

Rights group Amnesty International Wednesday urged Lebanon to lift the immunity of officials summoned in the Beirut port blast probe, warning not doing so would be an "obstruction of justice". The detonation of a huge stockpile of fertiliser at the port on August 4 last year killed more than 200 people, injured thousands, and wrecked huge swathes of the capital.

French, US Envoys to Lebanon to Visit Saudi Arabia in bid to Stem Crisis

The French and US envoys to Lebanon are to visit Saudi Arabia, France's embassy said Wednesday, an unusual move amid international pressure to lift Lebanon out of a roiling political and economic crisis. The visit Thursday comes as Lebanese battle shortages and price hikes on basic goods in what the World Bank has called one of the world's worst economic crises since the 1850s.