Study Shows How Sitting for 8 Hours a Day Can Affect Your Stroke Risk

Adults under 60 who spend most of their days sitting have a higher risk of stroke compared to those who spend more time being physically active, a new study finds. People who reported sitting eight or more hours daily and were not very physically active otherwise were seven times more at risk of having a stroke than people who spent fewer than four hours being sedentary and at least 10 minutes exercising each day, according to a study published in Stroke from the American Heart Association.

Fear and Its Impact on Human Behavior Is Keeping COVID-19 from Going Away

Fear may be the biggest thing that’s keeping the coronavirus pandemic from going away for good, a new study reveals. Researchers from New York University say the way the public reacts to fear — both positively and negatively — continues to fuel the multiple waves of COVID-19 over the last two years. In a new mathematical model, study authors show how public fear is leading to behaviors that are both curbing the spread of COVID and spreading it further.