Gemayel Objects to Environment Ministry's Budget Allocation

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Tuesday said that it there is no point in allocating a budget to the Environment Ministry, citing the tremendous destruction that it has caused to the country. "The most dangerous project carried out by the Ministry of Environment was the establishment of waste landfills without studying their environmental impact beforehand," Gemayel said during the Finance and Budget Committee meeting aimed at discussing the 2019 draft budget.

Kataeb Party Says All the Lebanese Are Paying the Price for the Ruling Authority's Performance

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Monday blasted the futile bickering between members of the ruling authority, warning that the dangerous sectarian turn that it has taken is leading to unprecedented tensions. "The Kataeb party considers that the ruling authority's performance proves that the political settlement was only based on partitioning and clientelism," read a statement issued following the weekly meeting of the Kataeb's politburo.