Covid Delta Variant

Almost Half of Lebanon's New Virus Cases Are Delta Variant

Nearly half of Lebanon's recorded coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours identified as the Delta variant, the Health Ministry reported Monday. Among 101 new cases, 46 were detected as the Delta variant imported from 10 different countries, the Health Ministry said without specifying which countries. Two deaths from the virus were also registered in the last 24 hours.

What You Need to Know About Traveling to Italy Right Now

Steady progress against the virus has seen Italy gradually relax border controls and local restrictions as travelers return to one of the world's most popular destinations. Indoor dining has returned, curfew has ended and there are plenty of new attractions to enjoy, from newly-opened secret tunnels in the Colosseum to recent discoveries in Pompeii. But the threat of the virus is still present, particularly as the Delta variant spreads.