Gemayel Says Politicians Are Not Infallible, Must Be Subject to Accountability

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Monday said that politicians should not be regarded as infallible, stressing that they must be held accountable for their decisions and actions regardless of political and sectarian affiliations.

"Democracy is doomed to failure if the people does not enforce accountability," he stated. "Taking into consideration that the country is plagued by corruption, mismanagement and lack of governance, it's abnormal to re-elect the same people who led to this status quo and are responsible for this failure."

The lawmaker was speaking at a chaired the Model Youth Parliament where around 100 students took their seats in Parliament to simulate a legislative session.

Gemayel recalled the draft law he had submitted in 2011 to apply electronic voting in the Parliament, deeming it as the only accurate and transparent voting procedure.

The Kataeb chief outlined the importance of electronic voting given that it enables the public to know how their representatives voted, and to hold them accountable accordingly.

The Saint Joseph University, in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), launched the youth parliament simulation, where students from across academic faculties were randomly assigned to different political blocs to discuss and vote on four draft bills: the Offshore Petroleum Resources law, the law on stateless persons, the law on small and medium enterprises, and the law on the establishment of a commission to fight corruption.