Dagher: Fight Against Corruption Cannot Be Selective

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Dagher: Fight Against Corruption Cannot Be Selective

Kataeb politburo member Serge Dagher on Wednesday stressed that corruption fight cannot be selective, saying that real reform requires equality as everyone should be subject to accountability.

“The political life in Lebanon has become abnormal. Political forces are preaching about reform and questioning the failure to apply laws while they are the ones in charge of implementing them,” Dagher told Voice of Lebanon radio station.

"Who violated the hiring freeze that was put in place in 2017? Who made all the illegal hires that have been uncovered recently? Isn't it the same ruling authority that is today demanding a probe to investigate all those superfluous hires? Is this a riddle or a joke?"

Dagher said that the Kataeb party was accused of lying and populism when it spoke up against corruption, economic problems and shady deals, whereas the ruling authority is extensively talking about these same issues.

The Kataeb official cast doubt on the real motives behind Hezbollah's anti-corruption campaign which has only targeted former PM Fouad Siniora while looking the other way when it comes to its allies.

"The fight against corruption cannot be selective. Everybody should be subject to accountability."

Dagher stressed that the Kataeb party didn't back down one iota on its constants and values, while many of the other political forces have relinquished theirs.

"Everyone took a step back while we chose not to move one inch when it comes to defending our country's sovereignty."

"The price that we are paying today is only about one less or more parliamentary seat. In the past, we didn't hesitate to sacrifice the lives of 6000 martyrs; a price that is much more higher than the one we are incurring today," Dagher said.

Source: Kataeb.org