Hankache: We Don't Trust a Group That Trades Blame over Corruption

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Hankache: We Don't Trust a Group That Trades Blame over Corruption

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache said that Lebanon will not start going in the right direction until corruption is totally eradicated, deeming the current anti-corruption campaign launched by some political forces as merely spiteful and frivolous given that it is only aimed at settling personal and political accounts.

Speaking to the Kataeb website, Hankache questioned the real motives behind the ongoing campaign, arguing that most of the officials who have been part of the political authority over the past 30 years have joined the "corruption club".

"We don't trust a group whose members trade blame over corruption while all calling for its eradication at the same time," Hankache said.

"What we have been hearing lately about reforms is excellent because we have been among the first to call for it. This is a major battle to fight because corruption has led to the erosion and disintegration of the State institutions," he stressed.

"The leaders of political parties and sects must no longer be regarded as sacred so that the anti-corruption fight would really succeed."

Hankache noted that countless issues need to be addressed in Lebanon, starting with shady deals and tenders, the waste management crisis, tax evasion, nepotism as well as the lack of the basic services that are supposed to be provided by the State.

The lawmaker renewed his call for liberating the audit and supervisory bodies from the control of the executive authority, and for steering them clear of political influence in order to boost their effectiveness.

This must start with the Justice Ministry which should be assigned to a neutral, non-partisan minister, he added.

Hankache affirmed that the Kataeb party will stick to its role as a constructive opposition force, saying that it will fiercely stand against erroneous practices and shore up any good initiative that the ruling authority may take.

Source: Kataeb.org