Gemayel, British Ambassador Discuss Latest Developments

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Gemayel, British Ambassador Discuss Latest Developments

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Tuesday met with British Ambassador, Chris Rampling, with talks featuring high on the latest local and international developments, notably the UK support to the Army, Lebanon’s sovereignty, UN Security Council Resolutions and UK’s economic role in Lebanon.

Speaking following the meeting, Gemayel said he had told Rampling that the Kataeb party stands firm on its role as an opposition force, with an unwavering determination to safeguard Lebanon's democratic system and to be the voice of freedom that sets the record straight in every major phase that the country witnesses.

“The current hegemony over the decision-making power in Lebanon must not go on. It is up to the United Nations to overturn this reality through the resolutions that safeguard Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence, and call for liberating the country from any tutelage,” Gemayel said.

“The key point of our political work is to ensure that sovereignty is fulfilled across the entire Lebanese territory, and that the Lebanese people is the one who determines its own future and chooses its rulers, and that local authorities would be established without any interference,” he stated.

For his part, the British ambassador outlined the need for Lebanon to introduce urgent reforms, assuring the United Kingdom’s continuous commitment to Lebanon and its people despite the recent proscribtion of Hezbollah.

The meeting, held at the Kataeb headquarters in Saifi, was attended by Former Minister Alain Hakim and International Secretary Marwan Abdallah.