Guterres: Hezbollah's Arms Jeopardizing Stability of Lebanon

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Guterres: Hezbollah's Arms Jeopardizing Stability of Lebanon

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed deep concern over Hezbollah’s arms, warning that they jeopardize the stability of Lebanon and the region.

Sending an implicit message to Iran, Guterres called on member states to fulfill their duties by not supplying arms and military equipment to entities and individuals in Lebanon.

In his latest report on the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 1701, Guterres also called on the Lebanese government to take all necessary measures to disarm militias as stipulated by the Taef Agreement and international resolutions, and to adhere to the policy of dissociation in accordance with the 2012 Baabda Declaration of 2012.

The UN chief also urged all the Lebanese political forces to stop interfering in the Syrian war and other conflicts in the region, condemning the alleged movement of fighters and weapons across the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Guterres voiced deep concern over the cross-border border tunnels that were dug along the Blue Line, calling on the Lebanese army to carry out all necessary investigations to ensure that they no longer pose a security threat.

He strongly encouraged Lebanon and Israel to reach an agreement on disputed areas along the Blue Line, warning that any unilateral actions would escalate tensions and must be avoided.

Guterres was also concerned about the ongoing Israeli air breaches, saying that they violate UNSC Resolution 1701 and Lebanese sovereignty.

He also rejected the continued occupation of the northern part of the town of Ghajar and the adjacent area north of the Blue Line, condemning “all violations of Lebanese sovereignty.”