'Rally for Sovereignty' Addresses Letter to Pompeo

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'Rally for Sovereignty' Addresses Letter to Pompeo

The "Rally for Sovereignty" group addressed a letter to U.S. State Secretary Mike Pompeo who arrived in Lebanon on Friday for a two-day visit.

Below is the full text of the letter:

"Honorable US Secretary of State, Mr. Michael Pompeo

Dear Mr. Pompeo:

On the occasion of your visit to Lebanon, the "Rally for Sovereignty" hopes this visit will provide you with an accurate and comprehensive picture of the current situation in Lebanon. We are hoping this picture will constructively assist you in contributing to finding solutions to our cause. We also hope that it will help the Lebanese achieve their goals and aspirations in building a free, independent, and democratic state, where human rights, openness, dialogue, and peace between sects and religions prevail in spite of extremism and terrorism.

We would like to shed light on the actual causes for the current distress endured by the Lebanese:

1. Iran, through its proxies, Hezbollah and its allies, has seized Lebanese constitutional institutions and consequently, Lebanon’s sovereignty, brushing aside our Constitution, international laws, and the will of a large part of the Lebanese.

2. The complicity, failure, and / or intimidation of a few Lebanese politicians have sabotaged the functionality of democratic constitutional institutions, repressed public freedoms, targeting opinion leaders and activists. This form of suppression has led to the escalation of social crises causing the financial sector to become on the verge of collapse.

3. Iran's persistence in controlling Lebanon’s political, economic, and institutional life through Hezbollah, has turned into a practical occupation that aims at forging Lebanon’s cultural and historical identity. Lebanon, by being tied to the Iranian axis which aims at destabilizing the region, is on the verge of isolation both from Arab and international communities.

In light of this reality, the Lebanese people are in dire need of the international community's assistance to help restore their state institutions, which will help pave the way to restoring our freedom, prosperity, and stability. This restoration can only be achieved by addressing three layers simultaneously beginning with recapturing sovereignty, developing a sound democracy and enlightened governance, that will in turn lead to sustainable development.

Our proposed road map leading to these objectives should follow the steps below:

1. Restoring sovereignty of the Lebanese State over all its territory through the complete implementation of UN Security Council resolutions, particularly resolutions 1559, 1680 and 1701, under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.

2. The revival of political life in Lebanon through the sound implementation of the Lebanese Constitution. Free and fair elections should then be held according to international democratic standards, free from the pressure of arms. These elections will produce a legislative authority that would give rise to an approved presidential and governmental executive authority. This step will put Lebanon on the path to freedom and reform, restoring its natural position at the heart of Arab and international legitimacy away from the Iranian axis and the group of rogue states, regimes, and groups that follow Iran.

3. Launching a comprehensive economic and social program based on sustainable development and tangible steps that will result in real and transparent administrative and judicial reform, at the same time ensuring political security and economic and social stability in Lebanon.

Mr. Secretary,

The Rally for Sovereignty, who is made up of opinion influencers, political and media activists, economic and academic experts belonging to all Lebanese communities and spread out across the country, is working to build a culture of dialogue among the various sects, religions and ethnicities as a path to a durable peace.

The Rally for Sovereignty is part and parcel of Lebanese who refuse to surrender to Iran’s expansionist scheme in the region. We firmly believe that it’s the Lebanese people’s primary responsibility to liberate their land and institutions, and restore their sovereignty when it comes to taking decisions on all levels. It is not a matter of throwing the ball in the international community’s court. We are writing to confirm that, in Lebanon, there are many of us today who reject Iranian occupation and are resisting its armed and nonarmed systems of expansion and authoritarianism. These same people have already resisted all types of occupations before, and we are looking toward the free world to stand by our side in this struggle against one of the most destructive, regressive, and oppressive regimes in the world. We hope that Lebanon's sovereignty and its people’s freedom and democratic rights will not be the subject to any form of compromise in the looming regional and international settlements.

Sincerely yours,

Naufal Daou

Rally for Sovereignty Coordinator"

Source: Kataeb.org