Gemayel Voices Concern over Future of Lebanon

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Gemayel Voices Concern over Future of Lebanon

Former President Amine Gemayel voiced concern over the future of Lebanon, deeming corruption and the lingering refugee crisis as the two main worrisome issues that the country is facing.

“The Syrians are now competing with the Lebanese citizens in the labor market as if there is a policy to settle the refugees in Lebanon,” Gemayel warned.

“We are facing a problem that seems to be very similar to the Palestinian settlement issue, with humanitarianism being used as a pretext," he added. "Unfortunately, the State is absent and everyone is getting preoccupied with trivial issues while a major conspiracy is looming ahead."

Gemayel also described the fight against corruption, as it is currently being carried out, as "fictitious", saying that it is selective and used to settle accounts with political rivals.
“I hope that the first of April would be a designated as a day to celebrate the anti-fighting corruption,” Gemayel said.

Gemayel was speaking during a ceremony held in his honor by the Kataeb Party's Artists Department.