Hariri Upbeat on Lebanon's Economic Situation

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Hariri Upbeat on Lebanon's Economic Situation

The government on Thursday convened in a regular session chaired by Prime Minister Saad Hariri at the Grand Serail, with 34 items listed on its agenda.

Speaking at the beginning of the session, Hariri said that the approval of a power plan has reflected positively on financial markets, adding that it has boosted investors’ confidence in the future of the Lebanese economy.

Hariri hailed the endorsed power plan as the first positive sign of the government's commitment to reducing the budget deficit, fighting corruption and implementing the pledges made at the CEDRE conference.

"The best decision we have made is to introduce austere measures and address the deficit before a crisis takes place. Other countries had to opt for much harder, tougher and painful measures because they couldn't manage to solve their problems before being hit by a crisis," he noted.

Hariri said that Lebanon's financial and monetary situation was still reassuring, adding that it is the responsibility of both the government and parliament to take the needed measures in order to preserve and consolidate confidence in the Lebanon's economy.

The government deferred discussions on the Telecommunications Ministry's proposal to cancel the free 60-minute talk bundle for postpaid lines.

Information Minister Jamal Jarrah told reporters that the final touches are being put on the draft budget, adding that it will be listed on the government's agenda soon.

Source: Kataeb.org