Najarian Says Kataeb Party Has Never Striven for Power

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Najarian Says Kataeb Party Has Never Striven for Power

Kataeb's Secretary-General Nazar Najarian on Saturday stressed that the party has held onto its constants and values whereas the other political forces have altered their positions, saying that they opted for political pragmatism in order to be part of the ruling authority.

"The Kataeb party has never played the game of power and it paid the price for that in the recent elections," Najarian said in an interview on LBCI channel. "We believe that the road of righteousness is a long one."

Najarian affirmed that the Kataeb party will continue to speak up out loud against wrongdoings, adding that it has decided to stick to its roots by standing against anything that harms the country as it has always done.

Asked about Hezbollah, Najarian noted that national partnership cannot be based on supremacy and the hegemony of one faction over the others, stressing the need for a deep-rooted national balance that would see all the Lebanese equal.

"Lebanon will keep stumbling if neutrality towards regional conflicts is not forged," he warned.

On the 44th anniversary of the start of Lebanon's civil war, Najarian saluted the martyrs who gave their lives for the nation, adding that those resistant heroes stood up against the malicious scheme to turn Lebanon into a country of settlement and to alter its identity.

"Although we succeeded in foiling that plot, we have failed to lead the Lebanese to the safety shore and to build a State of law that is able to protect its citizens," Najarian deplored.