Hezbollah Allows Lawmaker to Resume Work Following Two-Month Suspension

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Hezbollah Allows Lawmaker to Resume Work Following Two-Month Suspension

Hezbollah has lifted the ban it previously imposed on Nawwaf Moussawi, thus allowing him to resume his work as a member of the party's Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc, LBCI channel reported on Friday.

The Daily Star newspaper also quoted sources as saying that Moussawi committed to several pledges “within and outside” Hezbollah, and will be present at the next parliamentary session.

Moussawi's role as deputy was suspended two months ago following remarks he had made during a Parliament session.

During his speech before the Parliament during a February session aimed at discussing the Cabinet's policy statement, Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel pointed out to Hezbollah's dominion over the major political events in Lebanon, including its role in the election of President Michel Aoun.

"It is an honor for the Lebanese that President Aoun reached office thanks to the rifle of the Resistance," Hezbollah MP Nawaf Moussawi replied to Gemayel.

It was the first time that a Hezbollah figure makes such a statement that clearly and brazenly admits to the role that the party had and still plays in the current presidential term.

"Aoun was brought to the presidency by the rifle of the Resistance and not on the back of an Israeli tank like others," he added, in reference to Martyr President Bachir Gemayel.

Moussawi's allegations prompted a fiery response from MP Nadim Gemayel.

Source: Kataeb.org