Audi Urges Absolute National Allegiance, Stresses Need for State of Economic Emergency

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Audi Urges Absolute National Allegiance, Stresses Need for State of Economic Emergency

Beirut Greek Orthodox Archbishop Elias Audi on Sunday demanded the government to turn all its promises into actions, stressing the need to declare a state of economic emergency and to have absolute allegiance for Lebanon only.

“Corruption has turned into a general rule and squandering has become permitted," he said in his sermon during Easter mass.

“They have made Lebanon as it is today. The government has become a miniature replica of the Parliament, all audit bodies are crippled and accountability is obstructed," he deplored. "Now everyone has suddenly started preaching about ending squandering after they realized that the state's collapse will not spare anyone."

“Everyone is involved in the weakening of the state and the marginalization of laws. They all have contributed to the protection of corruption; some obstructed the state while others hindered major deadlines or tarnished our democratic system," he said.

The Archbishop stressed that what is needed now is less talk and more seriousness in work, calling on politicians to put their bickering aside, to strengthen supervisory bodies and track down those who usurped public funds.

“What is needed is to limit expenses and refrain from cutting the salaries of junior public employees who earn money through hard work. Tax collection must be enhanced, squandering must be halted and thieves should be prosecuted."

Audi called for a "real revolution" against lies and empty slogans, urging political and administrative reform that prevents further degradation of political ethics and purges the Judiciary in order to make it an independent authority that does not yield to political meddling.