Government Begins Budget Discussions

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Government Begins Budget Discussions

The government on Tuesday started discussing the 2019 draft budget as discussions will keep on going this week until the blueprint is endorsed.

Speaking following the meeting, Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil described the talks inside the Cabinet as quiet and responsible, saying that discussions will go into details during upcoming sessions.

“I feel optimistic that the State budget will be endorsed quickly,” Khalil said.

“Detailed discussions on the 2019 budget will start tomorrow as many others sessions,” he added.

He also assured that the budget seeks to reduce the deficit ratio for GDP, warning that the growth rate in 2018 was less than 1%.

"No discussion was made about the abolition or reduction of salaries for retirees or any employees or military personnel. I hope the retirees won’t be a victim of populism which some are trying to steer for personal interests,” he added.