Marouni Says Lebanese Government Is 'Schizophrenic'

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Marouni Says Lebanese Government Is 'Schizophrenic'

Former Minister Elie Marouni on Thursday described the ruling authority as "schizophrenic", deeming the current situation in Lebanon as terrifying.

“We are living our worst days as we are witnessing severe setbacks on all levels, be it economic, social or financial,” Marouni said in an interview with Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“We are going through the weirdest days and this is all because of the government's split into two sub-cabinets, A and B,” he noted.

Marouni pointed out that the previous government also suffered a rift because there were ministers who went to Syria while others refused to do so.

"In the present government, there are also sub-cabinets A and B as we hear a minister denying salary cuts while another one confirms the plan," he noted.

“In all countries around the world, the budget is adopted to ensure prosperity and development. It is a shame how it became frightening to the citizens in Lebanon,” he said.