Nasrallah Slams Recent Stances on Shebaa Farms as 'Empty Talk'

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Nasrallah Slams Recent Stances on Shebaa Farms as 'Empty Talk'

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Thursday stressed that only the Lebanese State has the authority to decide whether a land is Lebanese or not, saying that when it identifies a territory as Lebanese it then becomes the Resistance's duty to restore that land.

“Regarding the Shebaa Farms, who gets to say whether the land is or isn't Lebanese?” Nasrallah asked in a televised speech.

“Only the State, not a political party, has the final say on such a matter. That's enough for us.”

“Those who change their position regarding this matter won't make any difference because their stance is worthless. It's empty talk.” Nasrallah said in a clear reference to Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat.

Last week, Jumblat ignited a heated debate after stating that Shebaa Farms are not Lebanese, claiming that the Lebanese maps were altered by Lebanese and Syrian officers in 2000.

Nasrallah said that is it is the party’s duty, alongside the people and the army, to liberate the Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms, the Hills of Kafrchouba, and the Lebanese part of Al-Ghajar.

Turning to the continuous tensions with Israel, Nasrallah stressed that fearmongering is part of a psychological warfare to pressure the Lebanese state, people, and officials to yield and make concessions.

“Lebanon is being asked to weaken Hezbollah so that Israel won't attack the country. But in doing so, they want Lebanon to cut off its defensive arm,” he said.

Nasrallah called on the Lebanese not to worry about a possible Israeli war with Lebanon, assuring that Lebanon is strong with the support of its people, army and Resistance.

"Don't allow anyone to scare you. You are not weak," he said in an address to the Lebanese.

“All of the pressures being placed on Lebanon cannot undermine the strength of the Resistance," he addi

"If Israel wants war? War it will be. Israeli troops that dare enter southern Lebanon will be destroyed on live television for the whole world to see."

“I don't want to repeat Israel's points of weakness, including the ammonia plant in Haifa, and what one rocket could do. I don't even want to discuss Hezbollah's ability to invade the Galilee," he said.

Concerning the economic situation in Lebanon, Nasrallah said that Lebanese banks must contribute to the solution regarding the financial crisis and debt interest, adding that this is the least national duty they can do.

“What will happen to your investments if the economy collapses?” he asked addressing the banks owners.