Sayegh Blames Authority's Mismanagement for Current Situation

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Sayegh Blames Authority's Mismanagement for Current Situation

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh blamed the ruling authority's mismanagement and incompetence for the growing challenges facing Lebanon, stressing the need for a reformist revolution that would address the flaws plaguing the state.

In an interview with Lebanon Files website, Sayegh condemned the government's plan to cut the pensions and the end-of-service benefits granted to the military veterans as part of its austerity budget, blasting the authority's failure to manage public funds for leading to the current bottleneck.

“Had Lebanon had the basic foundations of a state, this would’ve been enough to spark a revolution," Sayegh said.

“The state has to initiate a peaceful inner revolution and to change its approach before the current situation turns into a different type of revolution."

“People don’t trust their current rulers as it is not possible to enforce an austere policy without being honest about everything that is planned to be done. No reassuring solutions have given so that everyone would feel ready to make sacrifices,” he noted.

Sayegh called on the government to take different measures in order to reduce the state's deficit, adding that the proposed budget is only putting the problems on hold without diagnozing and treating the problems.

Deferring solutions implies a denial of the status quo which is weighing down on the Lebanese politics, Sayegh warned.

The Kataeb official stressed that the party is a "100% opposition force" which derives its strength from specific "objective" and "sectoral" alliances.

“Everything is clear for the Kataeb party: there is not state in the presence of internal statelets," he stressed.

“Everything that is happening is nothing but momentary solutions while there should've been a bigger political confrontation to establish a real balance in the country," he said.

“Trespassing this balance is a surrender,” Sayegh concluded.