Hankache Says Budget Requires Serious, Drastic Reforms

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Hankache Says Budget Requires Serious, Drastic Reforms

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache on Thursday said that there is no unified vision for the country as each of the political factions that are part of the ruling authority is seeking to serve its own interests and score political gains.

“We must seek serious reforms. The problem is not about the budget figures, but rather about the means being adopted to attain them,” Hankache said in an interview on LBCI.

“A correct budget requires drastic measures that include putting an end to electoral employment knowing that the Civil Service Council must be the only authority in charge of making hires in the public sector, reducing the debt servicing while taking into account that banks should share the burden along with the state, and halting the source of squandering in both the Beirut port and airport,” Hankache explained.

The lawmaker stressed that the Kataeb party is not an opposition that objects to everything, but rather a constructive force that believes that reform must begin by restraining the sources of corruption, ending smuggling in the port and airport, and activating audit bodies in order to enforce accountability.

“The problem in this country lies in the absence of a sincere will to carry out reforms under the pretext that they either won't make a change or will take too much time."

Asked about the forcible installation of high-voltage power lines in Mansourieh, Hankache blasted the project as an "unbearable" provocation, saying that the main reason behind the Energy Ministry's insistence on not installing the cables underground is to avoid pressure and objection from other regions where the power lines were extended above the ground.

“If the Energy Minister is so confident of its studies that claim that the high-voltage power lines do not pose any health threats, then why not agree on our proposal to form a neutral committee of experts to assess the project?” he asked.

Turning to the Kataeb's challenge contesting the government's power plan, Hankache hailed the Constitutional Council for facing the pressure imposed by those affected by the appeal, voicing confidence that the council will make the right decision.

“The Kataeb party, along with several others, is working on forming an opposition nucleus against the current ruling approach, because we believe that our work in the Parliament consists in monitoring the authority's performance and enforcing accountability,” he concluded.

Source: Kataeb.org