Kataeb Party Blasts Confiscation of State's Decision-Making Power

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Kataeb Party Blasts Confiscation of State's Decision-Making Power

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Monday blasted the continuous attempts to confiscate the State's decision-making power and to drag the country into regional conflicts, casting doubt on the silence that followed the recent statements made by Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah.

"This suspicious silence would consolidate the seizure of the legitimate authority and undermine Lebanon's global reputation," read a statement issued following the weekly meeting of the Kataeb's politburo, reiterating the need for Lebanon to abide by the policy of neutrality.

The party hailed the Constitutional Council's partial annulment of the government's electricity plan, deeming it as a "victory" of the authority of law.

The politburo warned that the budget approved by the government will certainly lead to inflation, reduce the purchasing power, cause stagnation, and increase the unemployment rate.

"The Kataeb party warns of the repercussions of the ruling authority's bad performance, and deception of both the local and international communities by including unreachable figures amid the absence of any reformist prospects that would rescue the economy," the statement said, pledging that the party's lawmakers will seek to straighten things out during the upcoming Parliament sessions.

The politburo demanded that all illegal border crossings would be shut, deeming this move as the first step towards enforcing the State's sovereignty along the border.

"The Kataeb party calls on the government to take an immediate decision to control border crossings and ramp up the Army's capabilities instead of minimizing them, in order for the military to be able to fulfill its duties."

The party warned that the Syrian refugee crisis is posing an "existential" threat amid the ongoing idleness and failure to deal with it, demanding full implementation of the labor law related to Syrians as well as the Interior Ministry's decision to strip any Syrian who regularly visits his homeland from the status of refugee .

Source: Kataeb.org