Gemayel Meets PSP Lawmaker During Chouf Tour

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Sunday met with MP Taymour Jumblat as part of his Chouf tour.

Following the meeting held at Jumblat's residence in Al-Mukhtara, Gemayel stressed that it was important to introduce the Kataeb and Progressive Socialist Party officials to each other to make sure that the Chouf reconciliation is spread to the grassroots, not just the leaders.

“We came here today to emphasize the fortification of the reconciliation and to assure that Christians can spend all their lives in Chouf without fearing anything, unlike what some people claim,” he said.

“Some have realized that the presidential settlement was a big mistake, while others are still holding onto it. To us, we still consider that the settlement is aimed at tightening certain group's grip over the country and is based on partitioning," Gemayel stated.

Gemayel hoped that the Progressive Socialist Party would join the Kataeb in its struggle, urging solidarity in order to pull the country out of the quagmire that "some" have dragged it into.

"We share many stances in common, as I hope they would increase until we have the same political positioning."

For his part, Jumblat stressed that both parties are entrusted with the Chouf reconciliation, saying that it should be constantly safeguarded by preserving Lebanon's pluralism away from spiteful political bickering.