Gemayel Blames Presidential Settlement for Current Situation in Lebanon

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Gemayel Blames Presidential Settlement for Current Situation in Lebanon

Former President Amine Gemayel on Wednesday blamed the presidential settlement sealed three years ago for the current situation in Lebanon, deeming it as a selfish and transient deal that what built only on personal interests.

“The settlement which was imposed on the Lebanese only took into consideration those who are part of it. It was only limited to specific political forces while being obtruded upon all the others,” Gemayel said in an interview with the Progressive Socialist Party-affiliated Al-Anbaa website.

"The settlement was only aimed at partitioning political spoils and posts, not serving the nation's interest," he added.

Gemayel criticized the settlement for failing to set out a common strategic vision for Lebanon, saying that it has fallen short from addressing any of the problems facing the country.

“Any political alliance must determine the strategic goals that it is seeking to achieve. What is their program to fight corruption? Fighting corruption is not done through mere words."

The former president stressed that the Kataeb is not the only party in the opposition force, pointing out that recent developments proved that it has "staunch" allies inside the government.

“Most of the government’s members are in the opposition ranks given the fierce criticism that we have been hearing lately,” he noted.

Gemayel hailed the Kataeb leader's recent visit to Chouf, stressing that the Mountain Reconciliation must be preserved no matter what.