Hadath Mayor Stands Firm in Pledge to Defend Christian Presence Despite Criticism

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Hadath Mayor Stands Firm in Pledge to Defend Christian Presence Despite Criticism

The city of Hadath, located in the district of Baabda, on Wednesday made the headlines on social media platforms over a municipal decision banning Muslims from renting or purchasing real estates in the area.

The social media outburst was sparked by a Facebook post published by Mohammad Aouad who recounted his personal experience about being prevented from renting an apartment in Hadath because he is Muslim.

“This decision goes back to 2010 and we, as a municipal council, are not ashamed of it; we are simply surprised that this issue is being brought up every now and then," Hadath Mayor George Aoun told the Kataeb website.

Aoun stressed that the municipal council is standing against demographic change in Hadath, explaining that Shias have acquired 60% of the area's real estates since 2010.

"After being elected, the current municipal council decided to do whatever is needed to safeguard the remaining 40% Christians who are still in Hadath and, therefore, banned the sale and rental of real estates to non-Christians," Aoun added.

“Those attacking us on social media think that they have caught us red-handed, but they are mistaken because we declared this stance 10 years ago, and we shall reiterate it today and in the future,” he affirmed, voicing unwavering commitment to preserving the Christians' presence in Hadath.

“If I ever get forced to cancel this decision, I will resign."

“This is something we proclaim from the rooftops; we are proud of our position and we will carry on with it,” Aoun assured.

“There is no problem in bringing it this issue again so that everyone in the Lebanese Republic would know about it," he said.

“We hope that all municipalities would also take action. Let Shiite and Sunni areas preserve their identities, and allow us to conserve that of our Christian areas."

Source: Kataeb.org