Hook: Iran Trying to Destabilize Lebanon Through Hezbollah

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Hook: Iran Trying to Destabilize Lebanon Through Hezbollah

U.S. envoy to Iran, Brian Hook, on Wednesday accused Iran of seeking to "sow military roots in Syria", reiterating that it is trying to destabilize Lebanon through Hezbollah.

Speaking during a congressional hearing on the Trump administration’s Iran policy, Hook said that Iran "is playing a very long game in Yemen", adding that it would very much like to do in Yemen what it has been able to do in Lebanon and to use the Houthis in the same model that it has used Hezbollah in Lebanon.

"In Lebanon, Iran uses Hezbollah for many decades to provoke conflict with Lebanon’s neighbors and threaten the safety of the Lebanese people."

"Today, by nearly every metric, the regime and its proxies are weaker than when our pressure began. Shiaa militants groups in Syria have stated that Iran has no longer enough money to pay them as much as they have in the past. Hezbollah and Hamas have enacted unprecedented austerity plans due to a lack funding from Iran," Hook pointed out.

"In March, Hebzollah leader Hassan Nasrallah went on TV and made a public appeal for donations. Hezbollah has placed piggy banks in grocery stores and in retail outlets seeking spare change for people," the envoy told the panel.

On another note, said the U.S. intelligence proves “without question” that Iran was behind the recent attack on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

Source: Kataeb.org