Hankache Blames Partitioning for Lebanon's Problems, Rampant Corruption

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Hankache Blames Partitioning for Lebanon's Problems, Rampant Corruption

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache blamed partitioning for the current situation and the rampant corruption in Lebanon, highlighting the huge role that the opposition is playing in facing this mentality.

“The opposition cannot win all battles, especially, that it is fighting against a deeply-rooted ruling authority that has been in power for 30 years. The system of corruption cannot be stopped in one blow as it requires us to fight several battle rounds; eventually, the right shall prevail,” Hankache said in an interview on Monte Carlo Doualiya radio station.

“Today, the disease is well identified and those responsible for it are the same ones since 30 years. This situation cannot go on because we are witnessing the disintegration of the state and ethics," Hankache said.

"Each party is only seeking to enlarge its own share, thus turning Lebanon into a block of cheese that is being split by those in the government and in power on all levels,” he deplored. "Competence and seniority are no longer the criteria, but rather political affiliation."

The Kataeb lawmaker blamed nepotism and favoritism for the country mismanagement, deeming sectarian apportionment as a social vice that is currently being brazenly and unprecedentedly practiced.

Hankache stressed that the Lebanese can revolt against the deplorable reality they are living, saying that they are tired of the government’s empty talk, lies and platitudes.

“Every time the people comes closer to revolution, sectarian rhetoric emerges to appease and soothe the anger by pretending to reclaim the rights of Christians, and protecting the rights of the Sunnis or the Shias,” he pointed out.

Source: Kataeb.org