Gemayel Cautions Against Politicizing, Partitioning Constitutional Council

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Gemayel Cautions Against Politicizing, Partitioning Constitutional Council

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Wednesday cast doubt on the appointment of the Constitutional Council's members, warning that any settlement would demolish the people's last legal resort.

"Politicizing and partitioning the Constitutional Council mean the destruction of the last resort for people to defend their rights," Gemayel said during the Parliament session.

"The Constitutional Council is the last resort that allows us, as an opposition, to defend the Lebanese people's rights whenever an erroneous decision is agreed by the Parliament or a constitutional violation is committed."

"By partitioning the members of the Constitutional Council, they are demolishing the last institutional resort for the Lebanese and the opposition lawmakers," Gemayel wrote on Twitter ahead of the session.

The Kataeb lawmakers and MP Paula Yaacoubian have walked out of the Parliament session in protest against the partitioning approach adopted in the appointment of the Constitutional Council members.

“Unfortunately they carried on with their farce, having chosen the members during their meetings held in the past few days. Today, they have imposed on the Lebanese a Constitutional Council that is subject to partitioning,” Gemayel said after leaving the session.

“What we have been warning of has actually happened. However, we are still waiting to see the judges’ performance. We hope that each of them would cut loose from the political faction behind the appointment."

"We have always counted on the Constitutional Council, especially that it had accepted all of the the three appeals we submitted to preserve the Constitution and the law in Lebanon," Gemayel stated. "Now we fear we might have lost the last resort that the opposition and the Lebanese people can turn to."

Turning to the decision issued recently by the Constitutional Council regarding the appeal submitted against the government's power plan, Gemayel pointed out that the verdict was based on the Parliament's minutes which claimed that the project was voted by roll call.

"Everyone who attended that session knows that no roll-call vote was held and that what is mentioned in the minutes is false," Gemayel said.

Gemayel recalled the draft law he had submitted in 2011 to apply electronic voting in the Parliament, demanding that it would be listed on the legislature's agenda and put to the vote as soon as possible.

The Kataeb chief outlined the importance of electronic voting given that it enables the public to know how their representatives voted, and to hold them accountable accordingly.

On a different note, Gemayel said that a recent report released by the Agricultural Scientific Research indicates that water resources in Lebanon, be it the sea, rivers, springs, underground water and wells, are all contaminated, deeming this as a mass genocide against the Lebanese.

“No one would stay in Lebanon if this report was disclosed to the public," he added, pointing out that the least affected resources contain a contamination level 23 times the one allowed by international standards.