Gemayel Pledges to Resist in the Era of Surrender, Remain Upright Among Crooks

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Thursday blasted all the empty talks, deceptive slogans, and illusive heroism that have been prevailing recently over the political landscape, warning that Lebanon is being "systematically destroyed" under sectarian slogans.

“We say to those who pretend to be loyal to the nation that the Kataeb has left you all the slogans, because whenever real actions are needed you won't find anyone present other than our party,” Gemayel said during a swearing-in ceremony held by the Kataeb's Metn sector for new party members.

“They got all the slogans and outbidding, while we are the ones who make the actions and sacrifices," Gemayel stressed.

"Unfortunately, there are people who are believing the deceptive slogans that politicians are mastering nowadays,” he added.

Gemayel said that the Christian community is being exploited to justify failures and concessions, adding that some are proclaiming triump which is far from being real.

“It is not an act of strength to reach power thanks to non-state arms, and to garner gains thanks to deals and settlements. It's not an act of strength to achieve triumphs at the expense of one's constants and principles. It's not an act of strength to fulfill one's ambitions to the detriment of the citizens' welfare as well as the nation's independence and sovereignty,” Gemayel stated.

“They are destroying the state under the pretext of defending the Christians' rights; the state that is the sole guarantor of the Christians who made tremendous sacrifices to build and protect."

“The Christians' rights are not safeguarded by relinquishing the state-building project, but by establishing a state of law where Muslims and Christians are equal in a free, sovereign and independent state where the law is respected,” he said.

“Christians are not defended by adopting a dictatorial approach similar to that of Bachar Assad, but rather by applying ethics and morals because a true Christian only lives by them,” he emphasized.

Gemayel outlined the deception that the ruling authority is constantly adopting, deeming everything that is being witnessed as fake.

“All their conflicts are deceptive; they agree one day and disagree the other, without us knowing the reason behind their convergences and divergences,” he pointed out.

“What is happening in the Parliament is a farce. The same political forces that approved the budget in the government are now objecting to it in the Parliament,” the Kataeb leader condemned.

Gemayel stressed that the Kataeb is not a conventional party as it has been nurtured at the hands of its founder who set the guidelines for good citizenship.

"An upright citizen has one duty, which is to challenge injustice,” he noted.

“It is our duty to stand against those trying to take over the country, its sovereignty and its people,” he affirmed. “It is our duty to oppose those trying to seize the people’s money and to thwart any project that might harm the health of the citizens."

“It is our duty to confront those building castles with the money of honorable people,” he stated.

“It is our duty to defend Lebanon and stand against those trying to occupy it; our cause consists in lifting oppression off the people and that won’t stop until we build the country that we dream of,” he highlighted.

“The Kataeb party promises the Lebanese to keep on believing in this country and shielding it from the dishonest,” he assured.

Gemayel pledged to keep on resisting in the era of surrender and to remain upright among the crooks.

“We pledge that the Kataeb will never become a typical political party whose only aim is to reach power at the expense of values."

“Our goal is to build a country that rises up to the aspirations and ambitions of its youth,” he said.

“Comrades, you are joining a long path of struggle and sacrifices for the sake of Lebanon. You are joining a party that does not back down, yield or compromise its values; a party that resists and doesn't fear anything, a party that is loyal to Lebanon regardless of the hardships,” Gemayel stressed in his address to the sworn-in Kataeb members.