Kataeb Leader Says Ruling Authority Took Over Constitutional Council

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Kataeb Leader Says Ruling Authority Took Over Constitutional Council

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel condemned the way five of the Constitutional Council's members were elected in the Parliament, voicing concern over the repercussions that this will entail.

“After that the Constitutional Council had been a resort for the opposition to put an end to the violations committed against the Constitution, and to thwart any unconstitutional and unfair law against the Lebanese, as we did three times to date, it has now been confiscated by the political authority based on the partitioning mentality," Gemayel told the Kataeb website.

"We fear that political meddling will be so great that it will disrupt the council's work and render it incapable of speaking the truth."

Gemayel deemed the pre-arranged election of the Constitutional Council members as part of an existing policy that has turned everything into an apportionment material, expressing concern that this faulty approach has now gotten its claws into the judiciary.

"The most protective institution for the Lebanese, especially the opposition which has no weapon to halt any violation other than the Constitutional Council, has now been touched."

“It is saddening and unfortunate that such a prestigious institution has been dealt with this way,” Gemayel stated.

Source: Kataeb.org