Gemayel: We Aim for State-building While Others Maintain Logic of War

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Gemayel: We Aim for State-building While Others Maintain Logic of War

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Monday affirmed that the Christian-Druze reconciliation is unblemished and will not be disrupted.

“I assure our people that co-existence is untarnished and that any instigated tension or suggestion of an existing problem is totally made-up. In fact, we have entrenched trust and cooperation with a large number of villages and we wish to keep and safeguard it from all scuffles,” Gemayel said following a meeting with a delegation from the Progressive Socialist Party at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

“We’ve paid a heavy price in the Chouf war. It was a dark stage in Lebanon’s history. But, everyone owned up to their mistakes and barricaded the Mountain; a bold move not to be challenged,” he pointed out.

“Our contributions in this matter will go on in the upcoming days and we will be by the side of the Chouf people to reiterate the Christian-Druze reconciliation,” Gemayel affirmed.

“I hope that everyone considers that the Chouf reconciliation is protected from struggles and all sorts of discords,” he noted.

“As an opposition force, we will work on fortifying the reconciliation without backing out on our strong convictions against the flimsy presidential settlement,” he stated.

“Only one party gained in the presidential settlement and what is happening today is but a manifestation of that, through the elections, government formation and every political entitlement,” he deplored.

“Unfortunately, while some aim at working to build a country, others want to follow the logic of war and death,” he criticized.

“A new equation is much needed today”

“Political strife is on the one side and resolutions that are deeper than politics are on the other,” he added.

“We knew from the start the results and intentions behind the political settlement that was fabricated by some with other people consenting to its results,” he outlined.

“We hope that the matter will be dealt with gracefully without bringing back the rhetoric of war and for everyone to express their stances and opinions in a civilized way,” he urged.

The Kataeb leader expressed his gratitude for the visit and saluted PSP chief Walid Jumblat for the initiative, affirming that the Chouf reconciliation is strategic to the Kataeb party and will not be tinged.

“We have re-invited the Progressive Socialist Party to be our staunch allies and to form a united front against the harsh reality facing the country,” he stressed.

“We agree on both economic and political matters, all that is left for both of our parties is to stand in joint opposition,” he pointed out.

The meeting was attended by a Progressive Socialist Party delegation consisting of Minister Wael Abu Faour, MP Faysal Sayegh, PSP's Secretary-General Zafer Nasser, Former MP Antoine Saad, MP Taymour Jumblat's advisor Hussam Harb, in the presence of MP Elias Hankache, Former MP Fady Haber, Kataeb's Secretary-General Nazar Najarian, Politburo member Serge Dagher, Former Minister Joseph Hachem.