Gemayel: Christian Rights Begin with Building State of Law and Equality

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Monday stressed that Christians’ rights in Lebanon are achieved when we build a civilized, developed state of law which provides equality and a promising future for its youth.

“It is time to stop conning the Lebanese people,” Gemayel said during the annual dinner of the Kataeb's Ajaltoun sector.

“Don’t let anyone scare you, because no one can abandon us. We cannot stay isolated and afraid. I speak on behalf of a party that had sacrificed 6,000 martyrs when a real danger was looming,” he stated.

“The performance of the ruling authority is the one producing the real danger on the Christian existence; they have promised to make the state mirror them. Here they are now, epitomizing those who have preceded them,” he criticized.

“They started to behave like them, enslaving the people, wasting finances and services to take over the society which has always been free,” he added.

“Once they’ve reached power in the name of ‘struggle’, they procured clientelism,” Gemayel condemned.

The Kataeb leader affirmed that the party preserved the reason for its presence and its struggles and never betrayed the promise it gave people and its martyrs.