Kataeb Party Calls For New Government Formation

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Kataeb Party Calls For New Government Formation

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Tuesday called for holding early Parliamentary elections that allow the Lebanese people to enforce accountability in ballot boxes and for a new government that people trust and bears responsibility for its actions.

“Those who steered away from the Lebanese State's mentality shoulder responsibility for today’s sanctions since they obtained an exclusive decision-making on war and peace in Lebanon and the area,” read a statement issued following the weekly meeting of the Kataeb's politburo, reiterating the need for holding new elections.

“There’s no salvation except in returning to a State of inclusive components. The party rejects dragging the Parliament and the Lebanese into regional conflicts that don’t meet the country’s interests and whose consequences the country cannot handle,” the statement said, highlighting the need for Lebanon to abide by the policy of neutrality, to contribute to forming a defense strategy to protect the country and to restrict arms’ possession to the Lebanese army so as to preserve Lebanon’s sovereignty, unity and safety of its territories.

The politburo renewed its call for Hezbollah to segregate its approach from any regional axis and not to engage in any international confrontations.

The party blasted the ongoing desperate attempts to reduce the State’s deficit through discussing the draft budget in the Parliament sessions, noting that it impinges on the Lebanese people’s living conditions.

“The only solution to halt the unremitting deficit is by resorting to drastic measures that reflect a real desire for financial and economic reforms,” the statement pointed out, emphasizing the need for fighting fictitious and illegal employment, as well as, tax and customs evasion.

The politburo blasted the government’s deadlock which does not signal any prospects of getting out of this crisis and actually echoes the flimsy political settlement that was based on partitioning and unfair power-sharing.

Source: Kataeb.org