Gemayel Warns of Absence of Constitutional Institutions

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Gemayel Warns of Absence of Constitutional Institutions

Former President Amine Gemayel on Wednesday warned of the repercussions that the prolonging absence of Constitutional institutions is ensuing, deeming it as an extremely dangerous path.

“The crises encroaching on people’s living conditions are insolent. The economic situation is bad and shameful to the people’s dignity and that of their families,” Gemayel told Al-Markazia newspaper, warning against deterioration that will affect everyone.

He condemned the dichotomy between the State and the people’s views in the absence of the government’s sense of responsibility.

“This extreme divergence from the Constitution, Taif accord, Charter and Constitutional traditions is destabilizing the fundamental Lebanese foundations,” Gemayel said, describing political partitioning as a blow to the Constitution.

He voiced discontent in regard to politicizing and partitioning the members of the Constitutional Council as it only leads to demolishing the last institutional resort for the Lebanese and the opposition lawmakers.

“The Constitutional institutions are completely inoperative marking a dangerous absence, while these should be the government’s fulcrum,” Gemayel indicated.

“The Lebanese entity is disintegrating. It must be based on a national unified willpower and on constitutional provisions and values which have always protected Lebanon since before Independence,” Gemayel pointed out.

He noted that the opposition force has proven its value lately through the challenges it has been submitting to the Constitutional Council contesting the government's plan.