Kataeb Party Calls For Drastic Corrective Reforms and Re-emergence of Political Authority

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Kataeb Party Calls For Drastic Corrective Reforms and Re-emergence of Political Authority

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Monday blasted the way the 2019 State budget Parliament sessions winded up.

In a statement issued following its weekly meeting, the Kataeb's politburo slammed that instead of the budget calling for controlling squandering, closing down illegal smuggling routes, stopping tax evasion, and limiting fictitious employment, it turned out to be the budget that attacks the military officers’ rights and the one that resorts to the citizens’ pockets to reduce the deficit through imposing additional taxes.

“The party warns against the current situation as the country is faced by two options only, either taking drastic measures or deal with collapse. There are no compromises; the situation cannot tolerate procrastination, delay and undermining people’s living conditions.”

The party deplored the political authority’s negligence while the country is deteriorating, renewing its call for unified opposition forces’ stance against the status quo aimed at saving the country through a national integral vision.

The Kataeb party also called for early Parliamentary elections giving power to a rightful effective and competent authority to rule the country instead of the bad results ensued by the political settlement.

The party warned against going back to the time of armed Palestinian displays to which the Lebanese and Lebanon have paid a heavy price and are not ready to repeat this experience, demanding full implementation of the negotiating table decisions related to the disarmament of Palestinians inside and outside the camps.

It also asked for the full implementation of the labor law related to Syrians, refugees and the Lebanese so as to protect the Lebanese workforce and regulate the labor market at a time of dire economic conditions.

Source: Kataeb.org