Lebanese National Allegedly Tied to Hezbollah Arrested in Uganda

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Lebanese National Allegedly Tied to Hezbollah Arrested in Uganda

A Lebanese national suspected of being an undercover Hezbollah agent has been arrested at Entebbe International Airport on July 7.

The Lebanese citizen, Hussein Mahmoud Yassine, was arrested while boarding a flight from Tanzania to Beirut via Addis Ababa Airport, according to a report published by the Kampala Post.

The report’s title clearly alluded to a joint coup by Ugandan intelligence agencies and the Israeli Mossad “Exclusive: Ugandan and Israeli Intelligence Unmask International Terrorist Plot in Uganda.”

According to the report, close ties between Israel and Uganda led the Mossad to track down the suspect for months and then inform its Ugandan counterparts about Yassine who appears to have been working in Uganda since 2010 and was then recruited by a Hezbollah senior official named Ali Wahib Hussein, known as Abu Jihad.

It was also mentioned that Yassine was instructed to identify and locate potential US and Israeli targets for terrorist attacks in Uganda, to recruit other Lebanese nationals living in Uganda to take part in Hezbollah’s operations, and to attempt to recruit Muslim Ugandans to act as Hezbollah intelligence agents.

An intelligence source told the newspaper that Yassine was able to identify at least 100 Lebanese national living in Uganda for potential recruitment.

The article stated that the Lebanese Consulate in Uganda rejected Yassine’s arrest in a letter sent to the Ugandan Foreign Ministry noting that he was being held “incommunicado and had been denied legal representation.”

The US and Israeli governments demanded Yassine’s immediate prosecution, the source said.

Another Lebanese citizen from the Yassine family had also been arrested on suspicion of switching passports at the airport.

Source: Kataeb.org