Arslan: Political Reconciliation Started Yesterday

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Arslan: Political Reconciliation Started Yesterday

Lebanese Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan on Saturday expressed his content and optimism over the reconciliation meeting, acknowledging all the taken mediation initiatives to resolve the Qabr Shmoun fallout.

“Yesterday’s meeting was the first step towards yet upcoming ones. It revolved around three dimensions: political, security and judicial,” Arslan said in a televised news conference, of the reconciliation meeting held yesterday at the Baabda palace.

“More time is needed to solve the political repercussions of the Aley shooting,” he stated as the Cabinet convened for the first time since the Aley incident.

Arslan pointed out that political reconciliation started yesterday with the Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat but its completion requires a thorough dialogue such as settling inner conflicts in the Mountain.

He stressed on extraditing all suspects and eyewitnesses involved in the shooting to facilitate the military investigation process.

The LDP leader asked the country's top three officials to take resolute steps to follow up on the issue so that all involved parties are brought to justice and to safeguard security in the Mountain as agreed upon with Jumblat in order to preserve co-existence and decent living.

Arslan and Jumblatt met Friday for a reconciliation meeting, called on by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, President Michel Aoun and Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri.