Cabinet Convenes for the First Time Since Qabr Shmoun Shooting

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Cabinet Convenes for the First Time Since Qabr Shmoun Shooting

The Cabinet held its first session on Saturday to discuss a 61-item agenda ending a six-week hiatus following the Qabr Shmoun shooting involving the Lebanese Democratic Party and the Progressive Socialist Party.

President Michel Aoun announced, during the session held at the Baabda Palace, that the political repercussions of the incident had been dealt with fully during Friday’s reconciliation meeting while its judicial and security implications will be sorted out independently.

The President, who chaired the session, outlined three dimensions of the June 30 Qabr Shmoun incident: political, security and judicial.

“The unfortunate incident which took place a while ago in Qabr Shmoun has largely impacted the country and at yesterday’s [reconciliation] meeting, we ensured that things got back to normal,” Aoun stated.

Following the session, Information Minister Jamal Jarrah asserted that the political stage had been resolved and that investigations in the incident will carry on with the results being sent to the Cabinet to make the appropriate decision upon completion.

As for the security plans, Jarrah confirmed that certain strategies were established and will be implemented to line up stability and security in all Lebanese territories.

He declared that the Cabinet will resume sessions in the week after.

President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri met for a closed session ahead of the Cabinet meeting and Aoun also met with State Minister Saleh Al-Gharib in the presence of Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab.

All ministers were present in the session, except Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil who missed the meeting due to prior commitments, and Labor Minister Kamil Abou Sleiman because he is out of the country.