Sayegh Cautions Against Pervading Sedition

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Sayegh Cautions Against Pervading Sedition

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Friday warned of pearmeating sedition, increased sectarianism and partitioning that are creating tensions in the country.

“They believe that sectarianism creates security while they should safeguard pluralism instead,” Sayegh said in an interview on Radio Orient station.

“All factions that rely on sectarianism to harbor tensions only uncover insolvency in their struggle,” Sayegh stated.

“Lebanon is divided into two parts now, those defending rights and would like to reach places through their competence, and those morally decadent who were once decent but changed as they witnessed the country follow the concept of nepotism and sectarianism,” he added.

He noted that the President has a historical duty to be strong in the face of challenges or else the current conditions impend on the end of order.

The Kataeb official saw that in a quasi-complete state, the country is controlled by an international regime and the United States’ interference is clear.

“All the promises we’ve heard following the political settlement were unfulfilled,” he said criticizing that the Cabinet’s meeting gets disrupted over Qabr Shmoun clashes, an electricity pole or a landfill.

Sayegh stressed that the Banking and the military institutions should remain independent in Lebanon, so that no power play would be made to control it.

“The Free Patriotic Movement provides a political and strategic cover for Hezbollah,” Sayegh accused, as FPM leader and Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said ahead of the Premier’s trip to Washington that all of Lebanon is an associate to Hezbollah.

“I will not succumb to the presence of illegal weapons and those who fear it yield to its authority and will,” he slammed, condemning politicians’ inaction for fear on their interests and shares.

Sayegh deemed the 2019 state budget as a shoddy budget that is based on estimations and false figures and that is lacking an economic development.

“We do not wish to challenge the entire budget because that would knock the country but we have decided to challenge some of its articles only,” he explained.