Cabinet Approved Most Items on Its Agenda

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Cabinet Approved Most Items on Its Agenda

The Cabinet on Thursday approved most of the 46 items on its agenda, with some items being postponed for Tuesday’s session, as reported by Information Minister Jamal Jarrah.

Following a Cabinet session in Beiteddine Palace, Jarrah announced that the Cabinet appointed five remaining members of the Constitutional Council out of ten as the other five members were selected by the Parliament in June.

The new members’ names are as follows: Omar Hamza, Elias Bou Eid, Elias Mashraqani, Fawzat Farhat, Abdallah al-Shami.

Jarrah pointed out that the name of Said Malik who was proposed by ministers belonging to the Lebanese Forces was snubbed.

Ministers also approved the item pertaining to providing aid to the Palestinian state budget but granting a symbolic sum.

“An agreement was reached over the ownership of a land in Hawakir to establish a landfill there that serves all the Northern districts,” he indicated.

“The Ministers have also sanctioned the formation of a ministerial council headed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri to look into the issues surrounding Palestinian refugees and their work status in Lebanon,” Jarrah mentioned.

He explained that the Premier at the beginning of the session stressed that the Lebanese government has taken all the necessary measures to preserve the financial and economic situation regardless of tomorrow’s probable drop in the country’s sovereign credit rating by global ratings agency Standard and Poor’s.

Ahead of the session, President Michel Aoun met with Hariri to tackle the latter’s recent visit to Washington.