Dagher Blasts Hezbollah's Confiscation of State's Decision-Making Power

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Dagher Blasts Hezbollah's Confiscation of State's Decision-Making Power

Kataeb politburo member Serge Dagher on Saturday denounced the government’s inertia evident in the way it dealt with the Israeli drones’ attack, blasting the state's officials ‘dead silence’ over Hezbollah’s actions.

“Hezbollah's take-over of the state decisions seems contingent on ‘I am the decision-maker’ logic,” Dagher said in an interview with Al-Nashra, criticizing Hezbollah’s unabashed way, place and method of response to the incident of the Israeli drones that have violated the Dahiyeh’s space.

He slammed Hezbollah’s control over the country’s decisions, the army, the agencies and the state institutions’ and even its own role at this stage.

The Kataeb official stressed that the party is an opposition force which goes against the Presidential settlement and thus will speak out today more than any one other time to derive alliances against this settlement.

“We were optimistic about Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s stances in Washington on the importance of implementing UN Security Council Resolutions 1701 and the international community’s decisions, but unfortunately, his voice quieted down as he arrived in Beirut,” Dagher pointed out.

“Our problem is no longer exclusively Hezbollah’s arms but the party’s talks of a single axis of confrontation,” Dagher condemned, as Hezbollah promised to retaliate if Iran was ever attacked.

“The country is facing a far more dangerous matter than war today, it is facing tremendous economic sanctions whose repercussions affect the entire country,” he warned.

“The problem is that Hezbollah monopolizes the decisions while everyone else pays the price”

Dagher confirmed that the Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel will take part in the economic dialogue table meeting to be held in the Baabda Palace on Monday only to represent the voice of the opposition and the concerned yet uninvited sectors.

“The government must make the necessary reforms before inflicting additional taxes and before asking the people to make sacrifices, as we’ve heard that the Baabda meeting will set tax hikes,” Dagher noted.

“It should establish reforms whether by shutting down all illegal smuggling routes, or by controlling tax evasion, the public sector and many others, such as squandering and corruption,” he added.

“We will not go ahead of ourselves. If the meeting has a serious economic vision, then so be it; but, if it aimed at imposing additional taxes on the Lebanese so that the collected money seeps out of the bag and into politicians’ pockets, then we will have our resolute position,” Dagher asserted.

Source: Kataeb.org