Dagher: State Power Is Hijacked; Government Has Blatantly Demonstrated Its Failure

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Dagher: State Power Is Hijacked; Government Has Blatantly Demonstrated Its Failure

Kataeb politburo member Serge Dagher on Saturday considered that all the political settlement’s constituents and the state have blatantly demonstrated their failure, stressing that the only solution to the crisis in Lebanon lies in the government’s stepping down.

“Either the Lebanese leave or the government resigns,” Dagher asserted in an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“This ruling political class has brought us back to a primitive Lebanon from the Stone Age,” he blasted.

He pointed out that Lebanon as we know it has ended at the hands of the junta here, deeming it as the worst phase in the country’s recorded history.

Dagher slammed the times the country has reached, noting that since the end of the civil war Lebanon hasn’t witnessed a bread crisis, students’ transfer from private to public schools in such vast numbers.

“During the reign of Former President Michel Sleiman, the country did not mark as many sanctions as it is nowadays because back then it targeted Hezbollah and the head of the state was dissociating ‘the official Lebanon’ from the party’s activities,” he explained.

“The entire state is an accomplice to what we have reached today”

“We ask that the hijacked state’s power be freed from the Iranian axis”

“The government is falling into a police state. The residues of the Syrian security regime persist with representatives who possess experience in suppression of freedom,” he stated.

“Without freedoms, Lebanon is insignificant; it is the reason Lebanon is considered so special among the Arab countries,” he added.

“Hezbollah commands considerable influence in the occurring events,” he indicated.

“Who should be summoned to justice, is it the Lebanese newspaper that published an article with the title ‘Welcome to Khamenei’s Republic’ or Hezbollah’s chief Hassan Nasrallah whose statements assigned Lebanon to the axes beginning in Palestine and ending in Iran and claiming that he is Khamenei’s right hand in Lebanon?”

“If politicians wish to rescue the country, they have to resort to a government of specialists,” he emphasized.

“Political elections generated the current political class. What does the citizen wish to be today, the ‘good Lebanese’ or the ‘resilient Lebanese’?” he said, describing the good Lebanese as the one who compensates for his government’s failures by finding temporary solutions while the resilient one would rise up against his sect and political party when they are going down the wrong path.

“The Kataeb party cannot save Lebanon alone, but with the help of good people from within and other Christian and Muslim parties, they are the one who will carry the task,” he affirmed.

Source: Kataeb.org