President Aoun: Political Disagreements Never Affect Right for Diversity

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President Aoun: Political Disagreements Never Affect Right for Diversity

President Michel Aoun on Monday stressed that all differences in Lebanon remain under legitimate political disagreement without affecting the core.

“Lebanon which represents, in its pluralistic society and composition diversity, a micro-picture of the composition of the Levant, has a role to remain a land of convergence and dialogue, a symbol of diversity and an opposite of unilateralism, rejecting all forms of intellectual and religious extremism,” Aoun stated during a Conference organized by the Levantine Gathering at the Hilton Habtoor Hotel.

“Some may think that our country is incapable of carrying out this role, because debate is always loud and controversy is raging,” he mentioned, but “Lebanon is a fertile land for encounters and dialogue.”

He called for communication and dialogue which are the Levantine values, pointing out that the Levant will continue to embody them.

“Nowadays it is intended to fragment the Levant from confessional, sectarian, racial, and geographical point of views, to pave the way for the consecration of new alliances on racial, confessional and ethnical bases, in line with the scheme that is being set up for the region, also known as ‘the Deal of the Century’,” he condemned.

“History cannot go backwards, and unilateralism – whether religious, racial or political - has fallen down in the whole world, in favor of pluralism and diversity,” he affirmed.

“Real peace cannot be established on paper and between leaders, but rather between peoples,” he asserted.